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Tin Cornice Pattern #02

Using cornice is a great way to tidy up the perimeter of the ceiling and create a professional finish. As with the tiles it can be purchased as a raw product for you to paint or it can be supplied in a painted finish to match your tiles.

All cornice is 1.2 Metre in length. Pattern #02 cornice is a concave style cornice measuring 158 mm from wall to edge and with a face width of 222 mm.

Quantity Discounted price
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3. Quantity

Metal Cornice Pattern #02

UNFINISHED Cornice: As a raw metal product they will need some form of coating on them to protect against rust spots appearing from moister in the air. A simple clear lacquer to seal them is fine which you can buy on this site in a spray can.

PAINTED Cornice: All painted tiles and cornice are powder coated, hand finished products are hand finished over a powder coated base. Painted cornice is ready for installation and does not require any additional protection.


Lead times are estimates and subject to change at different time of the year. We always aim to get your tiles to you in the fastest time possible.

Nail up
Unfinished tiles - 2-3 weeks.
Painted tiles in a (single colour) - 3-5 weeks
Hand finished tiles (two colours) - 4-7 weeks

Drop in & Acoustic
Unfinished tiles - 2-3 weeks
Painted tiles in a (single colour) - 4-6 weeks
Hand finished tiles (two colours) - 5-7 weeks